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    Behaviour Trees

    Use a visual scripting tool that is easy to use and powerful as a programming language.
  • Unity 2D Ready!

    Supports all Unity 4.x versions, Free and Pro.
    Shipping with tree nodes for Unity 2D features.
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    State Machines

    Create Hierarchical Finite State Machines (HFSM) to better organize your code and logic.
  • Blackboard Component

    Share data through states, components and trees.
    Get and set variables using tree nodes or anywhere via code.
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    No DLLs

    Receive all the source code, including the editor.
    Look under the hood, change anything you want.

What people are saying…

“I found this asset an exceptional value.”

“Possibilities are endless with this add-on.”

“I LOVE this asset.”

Intuitive Editor

Powerful visual scripting tool that works as a native editor.

High Performance

Control thousands of agents and objects smoothly .

Visual Debugging

Watch variables, status, transitions and much more in play mode.

Get All the Source Code

No DLLs. Robust API, fully extensible and documented.